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Stages of Severity in Mental Health Hospitals

This is occurring maybe around the early 2000's, so pretty recent, in a nondescript suburban town close to a big city. I've got a convicted serial killer who has been put into an insane asylum, but this is where I'm pretty confused on facts. Basically, my question goes like this.

  • What are the various stages of "Increasingly Severe insanity" or whatever you'd call it, in asylums. How do their freedoms gradually get taken away?
  • If the patient is continuing to rebel and be uncooperative, even continuing violent acts, what steps would be taken?
  • Would the patient even be allowed into an asylum, or would he go to a specialized prison?
  • Also, at what point would visiting rights no longer be permitted, and how are visits monitored?

I've spent a lot of yahoo searching, and all I keep seeming to find is things on Shutter Island and mental health hospitals nearby. I don't think I know the correct terms to search for. I've been searching things like 'mental asylum uncooperative patients', 'asylum stages' and 'mental health hospitals procedures' and haven't really found anything. :)
EDIT: Ah, this is in the US. Apologies. XD My MC is at such an extreme level of insanity, that I assumed psychiatric help would be given first before he is sent to prison. 
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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