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Realistic Poisoning - how, and effects?

First of all, you have no idea how happy I was to find this community. It'll be a lifesaver. *applauds the creator* I'm Red, I'll be around a lot. *waves*

Second, I have quite a strange scenario, so I'll bullet point it to make sure it's clear since I tend to ramble. This is for a Doctor Who fanfiction, but original characters almost 100%. Thus, it's a sci-fi, and the protagonist in question is a Time Lady, but I'll be going on the idea that they would react only a little better to poisoning, but otherwise in a manner befitting how they look age-wise as a humanoid. What I'm looking for, is a way which a character could be poisoned, how this type of poisoning would affect them, and how it would affect motor function:
  • She's a Time Lady, thus her ability to withstand poison is slightly better
  • It needs to be a poison which takes at least a day, maximum 2 or 3, to become obvious
  • It has to be subtly done, so that she isn't aware of having been poisoned - but happens while in police custody
  • It could be somewhat futuristic, given the circumstances
  • I'd need to know exactly how the poison affects functions - motor, chemical, etc
  • It needs to allow her to walk, but possibly knock her coordination, and nerves, considerably
  • It needs to be something you can't just sleep off, but that needs actual treatment
  • It needs to not be lethal, because the person is meant to be brought to justice by the poisoners
  • How could it be administered?
Thanks for your help, in advance.

edit: some further research, and the questions asked, have brought me to decide on two possibilities - diluted aspirin poisoning, with similar effects to that of ricin poisoning. Or a line I've recalled from an episode of Doctor Who about how if an alien race removed all the germs on the Doctor, they'd remove half the things that were keeping him alive. Ie, I might reorder this chapter of the story into the poisoning being accidental, caused not by a drugging but a removal of vital... stuff.
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning

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