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working in a thrift store

SETTING: Average-sized thrift store located in America- specifically, California/Arizona
SEARCHED: Thrift-store working on Google, thrift stores on Wikipedia, Google, Google Images, and Yahoo! search

I just need to know average day-to-day things about working in a thrift store. I've never worked in one and I haven't been to one in a while, so I need to know a lot. (It's just one store, not a chain.)

*In a small to medium-sized store, how many people would be working on an average day, and how long would the store be open? Would they just be working at the register or helping people in the store, as well?

*Are employees paid? Would an average store keep all the money they receive or donate part of it to charity?

*From my research I've seen pictures of clothing on racks with signs displaying the cost (ex. "women's shirts- $1.50") so do the workers actually use registers, or what?

*For an average store (other than Salvation Army, etc.) do they only sell clothing, shoes, and accessories? If not, what else do they sell?

Those are the only specific questions I can think of. If you know of anything else that would help me, I would really appreciate it :)
Tags: usa: arizona, usa: california, ~jobs (misc)

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