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Greasy spoon cafe, England, 1995, prices.

Greetings, all knowledgeable creatures.

It's summer, 1995. You're in a cafe that's in a suburban area, the sort of little shopping area that'll have an expensive little-mart type supermarket, a laundrette, a hairdresser (there's always a hairdresser) and this place. There's probably a public housing area to one side, a reasonable private housing area on the other, and nearby a government school with ghastly school dinners. The playgrounds have graffiti and there might just be dementors lurking in the under-road tunnel. Yes, she's writing Harry Potter fanfic again.

Anyway, the cafe. Hopefully by now they've worked out how to make (mediocre) cappuccinos. There are nylon net curtains on the window, and I've already worked out the name the poor hapless lass inside has. What I need to know is:

1) How much is a coffee? And would it be a cappuccino?
1a) Is that the same price as a cup of tea?

2) Would the menu be toasties, chips, and maybe that chocolate slice with caramel in the middle and biscuit base? or what else would there be? (Egg and chips. Bacon and chip. Spam and chips. Chips and chips!)

Searches done:
All the tagged entries in here for 1990s and for "food and drink". (Useful info for other things...)
+menu +1995 +england (in images to see if I could read them. Also 1994, 1996, "great britain", etc)
how much is a cup of coffee in england in 1995 (and 1994 and 1996 and great britain)
coffee in a cafe in england in 1995 (ditto)

As to the description of the area? I spent three years near the Ramsden Estate in Orpington, Kent, in the 1970s, and when we went there in 2000 the little shopping area in Eldred Drive was just the same...
Tags: 1990-1999, uk: food and drink, ~restaurants & pubs

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