Trible (tamtrible) wrote in little_details,

Weight gain after long-term near-starvation

search terms: weight gain after starvation (with and without "intial")
time: 15 or so years from now, place probably irrelevant

I just want a brain check here. Our Heroine is 16, 4'11", and (initially) 75 pounds. She's never really had enough to eat for, well, most of her life. Now, she does. How likely is it that she gains ~5 lbs after her first week of good food? If it seems wildly off, what would be more realistic? (she's avoiding eating herself sick, but *is* trying to make up for lost time, a bit)
eta: she's got a pretty skinny overall build. At her present height, I'm imagining she'll probably end up 85 lbs or so once she's had enough to eat for a while. Maybe 90 or 95 once she grows those 2 extra inches and builds up more muscle.
Tags: ~medicine: starvation/malnourishment

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