samtyr (samtyr) wrote in little_details,

Looking for Breed of Horse

When the Russell Crowe version of "Robin Hood" came out last month, the History Channel had a special about the search for the 'real' Robin Hood. Unfortunately, I can't find any details on the show now.

One segment was about the horses used in the era and I remember the show talked about an everyday breed (as opposed to the war horses), probably about 12-14 hands that had a very fast walk. I think they referred to them as one of the English Pony breeds (ex: New Forest, Dartmoor) but I don't remember which one. I do remember that the gait shown was very quick and distinctive and supposed to be very smooth and they could keep going at this pace for most of the day. It was not a regular walk, nor was it a trot since the riders did not post.

Does anyone have any idea which breed it might be?
Tags: ~animals: horses

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