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Weapon/law enforcement questions

1. If someone were arrested in the process of breaking and entering a business, but refused to answer any questions, what steps would a small-town police force in Washington state take? I assume they would hold and continue to attempt to question him, but he does not have any I.D. on him and won't give his name. Where do they go from here?

2. My female MC's father was a police officer, so she's spent a fair amount of time around armed men. Would she be more likely than the average person to notice that someone is wearing a shoulder holster under a blazer? (This would be a person who's not in a uniform or anything, and not giving any indication that they might be armed.) What would be the tipoff, if any? A bulge? An awkward movement of the arm? Or is it one of those things that's incredibly obvious to everyone? The armed character is used to wearing it, if that makes a difference.
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: washington, ~weapons: firearms

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