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Prostitutes during the fall of the Han Dynasty

I have a character who's a prostitute right around the fall of the Han Dynasty, ~220 AD (just before the Three 'Kingdoms' period). The problem is, I have no idea why or what type of prostitute.

-Are there any jobs/positions that would have crumbled and forced her into prostitution? I like the idea of her being an aristocrat or something similar (or having a job, such as being an artist or something else possibly appropriate for a woman at that time) before chaos took over-- is that plausible?

-Did military prostitutes get paid, or where they mostly there as punishment? What sort of clientèle is most likely for this character-- military, people in charge, other? (again, this is right before the actual fighting starts. Things are just kind of crumbling at the moment)

-Were brothels common during this time period? Was it common for women to run brothels in China during this time? Any other info about brothels during this time I might find interesting?

Anything else you happen to know about daily life around this time would be awesome as well. I've searched every Chinese historical resource I know, which isn't very expansive, and I can't find more than a sentence or two about prostitution during the collapse of the Han Dynasty. Any information on the subject would be great, even in link form! Thanks so much in advance. I feel really stupid, but it's hard to find specifics.
Tags: china: history, ~prostitution

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