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public school life in victorian england

I need some help with public school life in England in 1800s. More specifically, in 1860s. The best online resource I've found for this so far is Daily Life in Victorian England by Sally Mitchell, but there's still only a few pages on public schools.

I've tried: "public schools in Victorian England", "education in Victorian England", "Victorian England schools".

I just need general information on how to make a slash fic between two boys who went to public school in 1860s authentic. Here are some specific questions I have:

1. According to Daily Life in Victorian England, up to three-quarters of class time was spent on Greek and Latin. English Lit, Science, History, and modern foreign languages were only introduced to the curriculum in 1880s, so did they do any of these subjects at all before 1880s in public schools? Not even a tiny bit? What did they spent the remaining quarter of class time on, then?

2. Was sports wholly compulsory, even for the older boys?

3. I've read and reread that bit about public schools from Daily Life, and I still don't quite understand how the forms worked. I'm assuming 1860s would be after they had abandoned the 'flexible grouping' method mentioned in Daily Life, and introduced the system where the headmaster examines the new boy and places him in the appropriate form accordingly. So does this mean forms had no correlation to age whatsoever? And the examinations they had to take to advance to the next form-- did these examinations always have to take place in the summer or some other 'set time', or could they take it whenever they felt like they were ready? Is the time when you leave school determined by age or by form? As in, could you be in the sixth form for a few years until you were 18 before you could leave school? Or could you leave school once you'd completed the sixth form for a year? Were privileges given according to form or to age? (As in, these 'older boys' who had their own rooms, was that because of their age, or because they were in a higher form?)

4. Did they have female matrons?

5. I've come to believe that my best resource for certain details and the general atmosphere of public school life may in fact come from Moab is my Washpot by Stephen Fry, although he grew up a whole century later than the period I'm looking for, seeing as public schools don't appear to have changed drastically in that century from everything I've read so far. To anyone who has read Moab is my Washpot and also knows about public school life in 1800s, would you agree with me?

If anyone has any helpful links to websites that give detailed information on anything concerning public school life in that time period, I would be very grateful. <3
Tags: 1860-1869, uk: education, uk: history: victorian era, ~victorian era

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