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Popular Culture in Japan, circa 1998

Place: Japan
Time: Mid to late 1998

Just what everyone wanted! Another Japan relate post! (I feel your pain)

My current writing project opens in Tokyo, Japan in the fall of 1998. I'm trying to find some details about the popular culture and fads from around that time period to add atmosphere to my opening monologue.

Specifically, fads, events and news that a person might remember years later.

I know that the 1998 winter Olympics were held were held in Nagano, that Japan complete construction on the worlds longest suspension bridge and that the death of Hideto Matsumoto (and the subsequent copycat suicides) created a media firestorm.

But since I've only been able to garner my information from English speaking sites (i.e. news that the rest of world found interesting), I'm a little doubtful as to how accurate a representation it is.

So does anyone remember what people were talking about IN Japan, during this time period?
Stories that dominated the news? Cultural fads and styles?  (I've gone through enough magazines to know what celebs were wearing/cutting their hair like, but what about the average Joe?)

Any ideas or resources would be greatly appreciated!

Searches tried: Japan 1998, Japan fads 1998, Japanese news 1998, current events Japan 1998, current events 1998, world news 1998, japan fashion 1998
Tags: 1990-1999, japan (misc)

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