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Where to hide a vampire war in Los Angeles

Research: I've been poking around for some time, but Wikipedia and Google results aren't much help for what I want. Tons of info for tourists, but not much info relevant to vampires. And the sheer number of Google results for "Los Angeles" and "anything at all" is a little overwhelming.
I've also gone back through the California tag right here on little_details.

The time is present day, the setting is 'realistic' and I'm writing a horror fic with vampires. In my story, humans are pretty much like real world humans; there is no proof vampires exist, most people don't believe in vampires and those who do believe are usually considered a wee bit eccentric.

And the vampires would like to keep it that way, if they can.

I have a vampire war going on. Two large armies of vampires, each approaching 1,000 in number. Army one, which I think of as the Defenders, is the local vamps, already in residence in L.A. The other, the Attackers, is an army gathered under a charismatic, nut case leader who brings them to invade and drive out the resident vampires (there's an old blood feud between him and the leader of the Defenders.)

The story is in first-person, diary style; the narrator is one of the defenders living in the city. So far, I've managed to avoid specifying location by having all the action take place in one house. The narrator is writing in his private journal, he knows where he is, so he didn't need to write it down.

But now that the war is heating up, the Defender in Chief, his 'headquarters' staff and etc., need to move to a more defensible location.

What I'm looking for are:

1) Possible location for the house they've been staying in. I've described this house as a pseudo-medieval castle with large grounds, built to order for a very rich (and fictional) movie star in the 40s. The house has been in use since, as a residence for several decades and in the 80s as a place for location shooting. I'm imaging an area that was became trendy in the 40s, but development and 'the fashionable set' moved away from the area sometime afterward, so that the house is not surrounded by a currently bustling neighborhood of the rich and famous. It's a sort of leftover from a bygone era.

What would be a good place to state as the location of this house without making L.A.-savvy readers say, "Nuh-uh, you wouldn't find a house like that in [Place]!"

2) My vampires fight mostly hand-to-hand, with some psychic stuff going on (telekinesis, pyrokinesis). No guns, bombs or car chases. The Defenders are mostly going to avoid hiding/living in human residential areas whenever possible, so humans are less likely to get involved and complicate matters. But some of these battles may involve up to a hundred vampires.

What parts of the city can I use as the background for warehouses, vacant lots, undeveloped areas, things of that nature? If I say they're moving to a warehouse surrounded by parking lots, vacant lots and abandoned buildings in _____________, what could I put in the blank and it would sound at least quasi-realistic?

3) Additional areas where I could realistically place vampire battlegrounds that have no human residents, little traffic, where battles and skirmishes could take place. Where I can insert a place into 'reality' and it wouldn't stick out like a huge author-mistake.

As, I don't think it would be realistic to insert a warehouse district in Beverly Hills, so - where could I insert it?

Any other info or suggestions for vampires trying to kill each other inconspicuously in L.A. will by very welcome.
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