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Private dwelling and hotels in San Francisco

I have two questions regarding locations in San Francisco, for a dwelling and for hotels. I just spent a couple of hours trying to google for this information so that's entirely too many search terms to list, and I know little more than I did before.

Information at the resolution of neighbourhood, major streets/intersection or urban nexuses is enough - from there I can go street-by-street on Google Maps etc.

1. I have a character who is a team leader in a Silicon Valley company holds well-paying job, lives in SF, married, with two children who are 3-12yr old and ideally i'd like them on intercity or other open roads on a regular basis. The wife may or may not hold a job - I can switch this whichever way works better. I need them at least upper-middle class but not outright rich. What I need is an idea of where they might live: townhouse, suburb (my least preferred option), apartment building? CLOSED, as the information all you kind souls provided seems to give me enough possible scenarios. (Preferred scenario at time of close: character working in hightech/biotech in Brisbane, wife working in finances at SF proper, between the two of them they can afford Noe Valley.)

2. I have a group of characters and a single character arriving at SF independently, the former on business (they're law enforcement) and the latter for a personal reason (she's fond of quirky, and though she's not exactly rich it's sort of a special vacation for her and she's likely to splurge, though not too grandiosely), and they should be at hotels near enough that they'll all end up at the same bar at night. CLOSED, thank you everyone! I have a hotel for my law enforcement team and half a dozen fancy ones within one-block radius from which to chose for the artsy lady.

Edit to 1: shows how much I understand about the local geography after attempting research. I need a well-off family/career man in his late 30s in contemporary SF. The details are to be worked around that.
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