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Japanese high school soccer

Setting: Tokyo, Japan, 2009. I am planning on writing a fanfic set during a fictional version of the All Japan High School Soccer tournament. I won’t be calling it that, but I want a high school competition with a lot of importance, though the information doesn’t have to come directly from that particular tournament; I could use any info on amateur school soccer tournaments.

Here’s what I have found so far about the AJHSST:

The general wikipedia page, which is short and only gave me a basic overview of the tournament. After that, I found some news articles detailing the finals of 2009, and some other general information about football soccer in Japan. I also watched some videos of the tournament’s matches in you tube. I typed in the title of the tournament as it is and then changed soccer for football, but it gave me the same results. Information in English is scarce, and anything else is, well, probably in Japanese. There was a forum that looked very promising, but it never loaded.

Anyway, based on what I could find, my questions are:

1) In the videos, the players looked to be about 18 y/o. Is that the required age? What grades can participate?

2) How would the opening ceremony for the final game be? Do they make a show of entering the field or do they just go out and take their positions? Do the captains have to greet each other before the coin toss?

3) For the team that loses the final, would it be incredibly shameful or would it be acknowledged that they put up a good fight? And how is the victory ceremony afterwards? What could the prizes be?

4) In between the semifinals and final, how much time is given for the teams to rest/prepare?

5) Ok, this is one of the main plot points of the story: the goalkeeper of one of the finalist teams is a girl. It's something that sets part of the plot and theme of the story into motion, and I think that, given the circumstances, it could be plausible: It's a specialized position, and the fact that it's a school team means there's a small pool of players from where to choose from -at least as I understand it-  so if she's the best option, I imagine the team coach would be willing to make an exeption to have the best set-up. I also read some things (Here, here and here ) that make me think it's at least a possibility. But I want to know how much the readers would have to suspend their disbelief if they were given this explanations and considering the fact that it's a semi-fantastic world.

6) Finally, where do the teams train? I'm particularly stumped here, since I dunno if there are soccer fields in parks or in the schools or...what? Do the organizers provide a place for visiting teams?

Any kind of info or anecdote is immensly appreciated! :) thanks.
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