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electrocution danger in recording studio

Hi everyone, hope you can help me!

Basically, my story is set in the Flashforward universe, where the entire world blacks out for 2 minutes 17 seconds. I wanted some of my characters to collapse in a recording studio and then nearly be electrocuted when they woke up again. But what would cause this danger? At first I googled "danger electric guitars and amps unattended", but I found out that you can actually leave amps switched on for much longer than that before bad things happen. Maybe with the guitars left plugged in, that would add the danger of electric shock?

Also, where would the mains switch be in a recording studio? And would it control the 'live room' as well as the control room, or would they have separate mains switches for the two rooms?

Basically I want my character's quick thinking, in the form of switching off the mains, to save everyone from death, but where would the danger come from in the first place?

I have googled the following: recording studio mains switches, dangerous behaviour recording studio, recording studio rules etiquette, electrocution recording studio, danger electric guitars and amps unattended. I have read posts in a thread called "Who does not turn off your tube amp?" in an audio forum, and a document about Studio rules and etiquette in a UK recording studio (but my story is set in L.A.).

ETA: Thanks everyone, my questions have been answered! I'm going to go with a combination of the many different ideas I've been given here - I'm looking forward to editing the stuff I've already written with all the new info! You're all amazing!
Tags: ~music, ~technology (misc)

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