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Gunsellers and Soldiers

Hi, everybody -

Thank you for the mountains of help I have gotten at this great community.  I don't know how to do the answered __here thing or I'd post them, since all of my questions have been answered.

For those of you playing the home game, I'm writing an AU House fic where he is in an 18th century country loosely based on England.  (It's called Princeton-On-Sea, and the capital is see where I'm going with this.)  He has kidnapped the princess before she gets married to a jerk.  Her uncle is ruler of the country, and has sent out alerts (wanted notices, etc.) for the capture of House, who is known in this world as CAPTAIN MARMADUKE RAPPORTS SEXUELS AVEC DES CANARDS DE LA FONTAINE (sorry, cut and pasted from the wanted poster).  He has two co-conspirators, a gay couple, and the princess doesn't want to go back.  I know they used flintlock pistols and blunderbuss rifles.  I have googled "gunsellers," "18th century where to buy guns" "18th century gunrunners." Also asked on  The other question, I am not sure how to ask on the web.

Here are my questions:

1) Assuming this is around 1750 or so (I'm playing fast and loose with the timeline), how many guns would a gunseller let two men buy without arousing suspicion?  And what kind?

2) Who would go after them first?  The royal military/soldiers or local law enforcement?  I'm assuming the former, but right now they are in deep wooded country, far from either the palace or Rutgers.

Thank you so much for your consideration of these questions!

ETA: What kind of provisions would they have bought?  Cheese, sausage, bread?  (They have water in costrels.)  I'm stretching reality a  bit by having them also get saddlebags, which come in handy after they have to abandon the carriage and set off on the individual (two) horses.  Also, House places his feet in one set to help keep him on the horse while the princess does the riding.

If anyone needs a womens' fashion question answered from the 1900s on, I'm your girl.  It's my area of expertise.

Double ETA:  Thank you, my questions have been ANSWERED!  I love you all.
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), uk: food and drink, ~weapons: firearms

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