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Victorian Honorifics

Edit: Thank you very much for the comments, everyone. I've gotten the info I needed. :)

The story actually takes place in another universe (a country called Destatia, to be exact), but the society very much resembles the Victorian era in England. The scene is basically that another, higher ranked lord A is visiting lord B's house. Lord A brought along his grandson and granddaughter. The grandson is being married to one of Lord B's children, mostly to settle an old dispute that has existed between the two families for a very, very long time. Lord B is desperate to appease Lord A and his family members in order to get the whole ordeal over with. 

Question: What would the servants, Lord B, Lord B's wife and kids call Lord B's grandson and daughter? Would they just call them "Lord so-and-so," or would it be something else?

Research terms: I've entered in "Victorian honorifics, Victorian social rankings, Victorian Lords" and got nothing on google. I've gotten articles having nothing to do with the Victorian age and articles about various other things that I'm not looking for. 
Tags: 1800s (no decades given), uk: history: victorian era, uk: nobility, ~victorian era

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