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Police Funerals in the UK?

Since these questions are spoilery for the A2A finale I'm putting them behind a cut: spoilers for the A2A finale -- Gene Hunt questions:

What would've happened to Gene's body?

In 1953 a 19-year-old policeman, Gene Hunt, is murdered his first week on the job. He was buried in a shallow grave, and his body was found by travelers in 2008. Assuming his warrant card's still in his pocket there too, that means the Lancashire police will know almost immediately that they've got an unsolved cop's murder on their hands, even if it was in 1953. So, then what happens?

Would it be considered too cold to be solved? Or, even if that'd normally be the case, will they go all-out after a cop-killer anyway? Would Gene's body be held for evidence until his murder was solved? Or would they eventually re-bury it regardless? (Got answers to those over at , but more data probably wouldn't hurt.)

If so, how long before he gets re-buried?

If he has no surviving family, where would they be likely to bury him -- would the normal unclaimed-body procedure apply since he's a cop? Under the circumstances, wouldn't the police make sure he got a cop's funeral? And, since I'm American, ignorant, and haven't been able to google any of this, can somebody point me to a decent description of what a cop's funeral in Lancashire would be like?

I've googled variations on police, funeral, britian, and hearse, but mostly I'm getting articles about soldiers' funerals with police escort. Appreciate any help I can get, thanks!

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