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Mesoamerican Rain Bird...?

When:  It doesn't really matter XD  Now but with some things from 1500's (more or less).  Er... it's a half-made world based on the Mesoamerican period and traditions but in part, in the 'now time'  (er...  I hope I made some sense here...).

Terms searched:  "Mesoamerican rain bird", "Rain bird", "Pájaro de lluvia" (this obtained a poem and a song, a page talking about raining animals and other strange objects, a book...), and read the wiki pages about the rain bird and american mythology and the Spanish version on "Dragon"  (Found a book, Spanish, by Yólotl González Torres, "Animales y Plantas en la Cosmovisión mesoamericana", reading it for more notes, but the question is faster =X  I hope...). 

The terms in English led me to a page of Hopi ceramic modeling the North American version of the Rain Bird, and pages depictiong  "Science Fiction Fantasy = Fantasy Creatures", Fantasy Kryptozoology (have the same list...), but for some reason I have found nothing in the existence of a Rain Bird version for Mesoamerica.

Now, my question is:

I already know that in Mesoamerica the Serpent was the symbol related to water, but I wonder if in Mesoamerica existed a bird version related to water and the rain, like in North American groups, or if it's just the serpent (Mixcóatl, Ehécatl, Kukulcán, Quetzalcóatl, etc.).

I want to make sure to use a correct animal for a thing I have in mind =P  For the moment, I've been using a Quetzal as a symbol, but this does not ring in my head nor in my searches =P  It's a small detail, because it's for a kind of seal that I want to have the figure of the animal related to rain, but I want to be sure on what to put.

And being here...  good books related to Mesoamerican cosmovision based on animal symbolism?  Until the moment, I have 3 books (again, in Spanish, by Mercedes de la Garza "El universo sagrado de la serpiente entre los mayas", by María del Carmen Valverde Valdés, "Balam : el jaguar a través de los tiempos y los espacios del universo maya", and finally, by Guilhem Olivier, "Tezcatlipoca : burlas y matamorfosis de un dios azteca")

Okay... not really sure how to tag this... 

Finals sure are tiring... *sigh*

In the end... I'm thinking about just changing it into a serpent...  But now I'm really curious to just change it without asking first XD
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