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Living with a transfemoral amputation and prosthesis

Setting: future USA - Colorado, but not so future that the technology is completely unrecognizable.

My main character used to be a soldier, and lost his leg in an explosion; the amputation is about 4 inches above the knee. He had shrapnel wounds on both legs as well; the wounds were healed by magic, but only after a day of regular medical treatment. He has a prosthesis, which would be in the advanced range of modern prosthetic technology. He's had his prosthesis for about two years.

1. Would his stump or old wounds twinge or hurt during storms / bad weather / cold / etc? Would that make it uncomfortable to wear his prosthesis?

2. Can he exercise with his regular everyday prosthesis or would he need a specialized one? (He's a bit of a fitness nut so the exercise would be fairly strenuous.)

3. How would he get around while not wearing the prosthesis (getting up at night to go to the bathroom, etc)? Would he use crutches? If he didn't have those, would he hop? Crawl?

4. Would an ordinary bystander be able to tell he was wearing it? Would his gait be noticeably different, or would he "pass" fairly well?

5. It's his right leg, so would he be able to drive an unadapted car if necessary?

Research: various google searches on "amputation", "transfemoral amputation", "transfemoral prosthesis", looked at quite a few articles for new amputees and lots of stuff about rehab/physical therapy; almost all of the stuff I found was aimed at new amputees, but I couldn't find much stuff for living with the amputation after getting used to it.
Tags: ~medicine: prosthetics

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