S. A. Bonasi (sabonasi) wrote in little_details,
S. A. Bonasi

German Gibberish

As always, I'm in the midsts of writing a fan fiction. (Charmed-verse.) This one features, among other things, an OC named Randolph. Now, Randolph doesn't play a huge role in the story. Actually, he's kind of Innocent Cannon Fodder. He gets attacked by the villain of the piece - an OC by the name of Deon. Kyle - his new Whitelighter - shows up to save him. Kyle's accompanied by the Most Powerful Demon in the Underworld, who's dressed as Apophis. Understandably, Randolph is confused, scarred, and very distraught.

He also happens to be German. For that reason, I was wondering if anyone here could recommend a good, reliable English to German translator. Mind you, very little of anything Randolph says is imperative to the progress of the story. Anything that is is reiterated in the prose, so the reader will not be lost. So you have a lot of Randolph shouting "Demon!", "Kyle!", and "Help!" with a few, longer sentences thrown in. Oh, yeah, and Kyle says a couple of things in German to Randolph. But for the most part, people speaking English in the scene.

Can anyone help?

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