Butlers are awesome (systemaurora) wrote in little_details,
Butlers are awesome

Sudden onset of pelvice inflammatory disease?

I just need a quick symptom check. I'm having a hard time finding anything on medical websites for laypeople (very vague on the more severe symptoms) and Google scholar (articles are too specific).

A woman with pelvic inflammatory disease could present with sudden onset abdominal pain, yes? I'd like it to mimic appendicitis-- very sudden with nausea, chills, fever, severe pain, etc. I found some articles talking about how they're sometimes confused for each other, but I didn't know if anyone had details beyond that.

Also, can anyone tell me roughly how long it would take from exposure to chlamydia to reach this point? Not finding much on that front either. Any range is fine, I just want to keep things accurate.

Thanks so much!
Tags: ~medicine (misc)

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