baba_o_reily (baba_o_reily) wrote in little_details,

The Character of London in the 1890s

TIME: 1890-91
PLACE: London
SEARCHES: I've been to everything from the Victorian Dictionary to Wikipedia to the websites for the boroughs themselves, and nothing has been particularly helpful.

I'm trying to get a sense of how different/similar the boroughs would have been in character to how they are now, and just sort of generally what each was like. For example, what would have been considered an old money part of town, what would have been more nouveau riche, and what would have been a poorer area? What sorts of reputations did each area have? What types of architecture were peculiar to which areas? That sort of thing. Really anything you can tell me will be helpful. Thanks!
Tags: 1890-1899, uk: history: victorian era, uk: london, ~architecture, ~real estate

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