nex (nextian) wrote in little_details,

Embassies or consulates in Hong Kong, 1965

Hey, I'm editing a story set in Hong Kong and I have a probably impossible question. I don't even know what to search for this one. I've tried "founding dates of consulates" and "consulates in hong kong" and "embassies in hong kong" and variations thereon, but no go.

Of the Swahili-speaking African countries/East African countries -- Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi at a pinch -- did any of them have an embassy or consulate in Hong Kong in 1965? If not, would it be remotely plausible for a native of one of those countries who received a British education to be working as a British translator in Hong Kong?

There's no "hong kong (misc)" or "colonial history" so I've sort of tagged this with the kitchen sink.
Tags: 1960-1969, africa: history, china: history, china: hong kong

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