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'assisting the police with their enquiries', contemporary UK

(Hopefully this is the last unGoogleable curveball I'm looking at for this story...) My character [A from the original scenario] is now in the position of being asked to come in and provide more information to the police about an ongoing case -- as in, "We're starting to think that you have something to do with this yourself but we don't quite have anything that we could formally arrest you on just yet".

  • When he's escorted to the station, what would he be told regarding why he's being asked to come in? He's not being charged... yet, but the results of what he says here could establish a need to put him into formal custody, so I'd assume the police would be cautious about how they proceed with him to avoid the possibility of saying something that might spoil the case? (And this LD post suggests he'd be read the caution at the outset, is that correct for this scenario?)

  • And how would he be handled throughout? He has every reason to believe that he's innocent, so he's going to be cooperative and scared witless regardless, but would the effort be towards minimising his distress... or encouraging it a bit in the hopes of getting him to speak more freely? (Not smacking him around or anything, just being less than as helpful as they could about the process. God knows when I had to fill out paperwork for the census gig I was about ready to have told the feds I was the Lindbergh baby by the time we got through all the forms...)

  • Also, who would be present during this sort of an interview? (Cooperative subject, not under arrest just yet -- is the nearest uniformed officer inside or outside of this room initially whilst he's being chatted up by the DI?)

(Sorry to keep pestering about this same story, it's just that it somehow managed to end up involving a lot of police-procedural questions for a country not my own...)
Tags: uk: government: law enforcement

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