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figures on the Medieval Wheel of Fortune

An odd request...I've been trying to identify the twelve figures shown here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP_CSQgBPpQ beginning at about 3:29. I've managed to ID'd Bellum (war) Pax (peace) Potestas (Power) Tempus (Time) Fides (Loyalty?) and Death (Mortus) is sort of obvious there but I also had some broader questions pertaining to depictions of the Wheel of Fortune:

1) I'm familiar with the usual presentation of the four stages of human life represented on the wheel but I was curious about the twelve figures depicted here. Is this based on any sort of traditional designs of the Rota Fortunae I am unaware of or should I presume that the director took creative liberties with the concept?

2) Going on the assumption that there is a Wheel of Fortune design that depicts twelve characters what are the Latin names of the other six characters?

I have searched through Wikipedia, an online Google Book called Emblems and the Manuscript Tradition which mentions six figures War Peace Wealth Poverty Pride and Humility, a few websites devoted to alchemy, astrology and tarot readings but so far nothing definite has shown up. I've used the search terms " twelve figures Wheel of Fortune " and " allegorical figures wheel of fortune " as well as several combinations of the latin names above with " wheel of fortune " or " rota fortunae " I thought I'd give you folks a shot before I decide to throw in the towel. thank you in advance!
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