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Coitus a Cheval & Currency Questions

Thank you for all of the great, informative responses to my posts.  I have three questions.  My fic is an alternative universe  "House MD" fic, in which the good doctor finds himself mysteriously stuck in an 18th century imaginary European/British country.  There, he meets a princess who initially reminds him on his best friend Wilson. He kidnaps her before she can marry a man she doesn't love, and they go on the run, in a carriage (THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE INN INFORMATION!), and House has stolen most of the king's gold, which he keeps in a large bag.

1) House replaced the gold coins with metal washers.  Where in a palace would he obtain metal washers?  Presumably by that time they had nuts and bolts.  If not washers, then nuts.  This was the closest I could come to something round and heavy like gold coins.  I have tried Google and, but I haven't been able to come up with the right search terms (18th c. metal washers, etc.)

2) Traveling with gold is dangerous.  Would House go to a village moneychanger to have the gold turned into paper and coin currency? (I've looked up moneychangers and moneychanger images, and mostly gotten pictures and descriptions of tables.

Third question under the cut:

I discovered, after trying Google, and Wikipedia, that it is possible for  a couple to have sex while riding a horse (I would very much like to write this scene).  The couple is heterosexual.  The position is called "coitus a cheval," but beyond that I could not find any of the physical details.  This is also complicated by House's bad right leg.  I even tried YouTube after a reference to the movie  "Like Water For Chocolate" had such a scene, but could not find it.  (And you don't want to know what I found.)  I also tried search terms having sex on a horse, having sex riding a horse, etc.

Can anyone help out here?

AN:  Amazing how many of you are answering the question about horse sex! :)

Tags: 1700s (no decades given), ~animals: horses, ~sex

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