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PDAs between male friends in mid 18th century France

Time: 1759
Place: Paris

With what kind of gesture and level of physical intimacy would a young artisan (clockmaker, inventor) say his final goodbyes to a male mentor/friend with whom he has worked closely for months? (hug, kiss on the cheek, bow, or just wait for a fatherly pat on the shoulder?)
The young man (25) isn't a noble, but he's reported to have been introduced to the British court not a year later (showing off his inventions and musical skills) and then went on to make friends with a couple of British writers and musicians, so I figure he probably has relatively good manners. He's also a bit reckless and impulse-driven, though.
The older mentor (40-ish) isn't from this culture, has zero problem with PDAs in general and no homophobic hangups. He will literally go with anything the other initiates. Or he'd most likely bear-hug him if that's okay in this culture.

I honestly don't know how to google this. I'm hoping people who are familiar with the period from books and movies can give me some pointers on what would be appropriate.
Tags: 1750-1759, france: history, ~male friends

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