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Location/Treatment of Impalement in Post-Apocolyptic Universe

General Setup
I have a character for whom I am planning to have experience some sort of impalement. I'm currently thinking object wise some sort of unmovable steel rod, which unfortunately had to be removed because it was attached to a larger structure that was on the brink of collapse, and the choice was either to sustain more major injuries by remaining put or risk moving to get out of the way.

- The story takes place in sort of a post-apocolyptic modern day Miami, Florida so there are very few living people left in this universe. There aren't currently any active doctors or hospitals available, though hospital equipment, medication on those premises, and any medicine stored on-site at pharmacies would be accessible. Surgery is probably not an option.

- The character has training/experience as a paramedic so any knowledge he would possess that would be useful addressing his own condition.

- The character has the ability to manipulate luck/probability. So things generally go in his favour. If something is unlikely but still possible, I think it'd be acceptable for me to use in this case.

Previous research
I've checked most of the tags on injuries misc and injuries to order. I've read a few of other responses to impalement type injuries and stab wounds, but I still don't know if what I had in mind was believable to any degree. I've looked up images of skeleton/major organs to try to get a sense of where might be ideal to have the injury occur. I've googled how to treat impalement, though the majority of searches only give information about what generally does while awaiting proper medical attention from professionals. I've read some paramedic accounts about impalement injuries but they were not particularly detailed of treatment, focusing more on the injury itself and the experience. I've read one article about the treatment of a branch impalement but it used a good deal of medical terminology I'm unfamiliar with. Unfortunately I still have a lot of questions and uncertainty going on.

Main questions

(1) What would be the best location for this type of injury (maybe one that would limit chances of needing any sort of surgery, exsanguination, major internal organ damage, cause imminent death)? I'd like it somewhere on the torso area but avoiding lower abdomen as that seems nasty business from what I've read. If some organ needs to be damaged but could potentially heal without requiring surgery (unless it is something they could manage without doctors) that would be acceptable, and I'm okay with any sort of broken ribs. From diagrams, I'm not convinced that request is even possible at all, but I figure it can't hurt to ask. If it had to be a shoulder wound, that'd also be an option but would that be possible to have some sort of steal rod go through from front to back with where the scapula is if it went at an angle?

(2) How would one treat this injury (aside from tradition methods of restricting bleeding/prevent shock) without traditional hospitalization available? What type of medication might they require to reduce infection? If you know anything about being a paramedic, what sort of knowledge would someone with that experience possess for deciding how to approach/treat this?

(3) How long would this person be required to remain in bed and/or not be able to be up and about? General recovery time estimates?

(4) Ultimately if none of this is feasible to do without doctors/hospitals (which I have a feeling it may well be), there is someone with a healing ability in the story. How long could a person survive without receiving medical attention? A few hours? A day?
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