made of sea and sunlight (hagar_972) wrote in little_details,
made of sea and sunlight

Disappearing a truck in rural contemporary NC

The setting is contemporary coastal North Carolina. Someone murders an independent trucker, and then does something with the truck so that it isn't found in any identifiable manner for at least 10-14 days. The killer is smart and familiar with the area, having grown up there. They have some experience with big vehicles such as an RV, but nothing specifically pertaining to trucks. They may know how to talk to petty criminals and have a grasp on the shady side of things, but they don't have any actual criminal experience themselves. Maybe the truck is found/identified two weeks+ later, maybe it isn't: so long as it's gone at least that long it's good for me.

I need to know whether this can realistically happen, and if so - some ideas of how. (Driven off a cliff? Sold illegally somehow, maybe to a chop shop?) If it isn't realistically possible - well, I need to know that too so I can work the story a different way.
Tags: usa (misc), usa: north carolina, ~cars

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