Doggie (doggiedynasty) wrote in little_details,

Death inside planes during crashes/collisions and missile attacks.

Setting: 20th-21th century

Why: Mostly curiosity, but I am doing an air force story and I do wonder about pilot deaths and errors.

Research your question: Mainly Wikipedia and yahoo. For yahoo, I used the terms "plane crash death causes". It mostly talks about what creates plane accidents such as pilot error, mechanical problems and weather, the amount of people who died, and where it happened.


- I heard a few details about how the bodies are found outside of the downed plane, as if propelled after the crash, dying from hemorrhaging in the brain and such. What is the common airplane cause of death, and can a person die/be found inside the wrecked plane?

- Mostly related to the story: Aviation combat and the use of missiles. When planes are hit by missiles, do the bodies burn/explode to death? Does the pilot die from the height instead? And are they found later? The same with plane collisions.

Tags: ~aviation, ~catastrophes

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