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Poison and mental states...

Ok here's the situation. It's the last jab from the Villain against the Hero, he's poisoned the Hero unbeknownst to the rest of the cast. What I need is:

A slow acting poison, one that could take days to be discovered.
Visible side effects of the poison. (Nothing long lasting)
Critical time table would help. (The Villain intentionally has set up everything that for example if it would take 24 hours until the hero dies, then the round trip between his base and the hospital is 23:50 minutes, with plans to stall the group coming for the antidote.)
(Poisoning could be bumped up to the time the hero is in the hospital recovering from grievous injuries. Or alternately during the hospital stay, some surgery *Maybe involving more critical injuries needing to be checked or whatever* causes the poisoned blood to be removed and diluting it's effect more.)

Second question:

Said hero is extremely stoic and has a crush on the lead female. The heroine is asked out on a date by someone of her social class, (he's from the streets and she's pretty high end, though she doesn't look at social status). Only to be killed in a bombing before he has the ability to say his true feelings. He's a very giving guy, self sacrificing and willingly suffers with those he's close to even if he doesn't show it. Would he have a negative reaction to her death? He's very quiet, so I thought he would start slamming doors in reaction. But what else would there be? (He already blames himself for the deaths of hundreds of people who died not by his actions, but by his fathers. And holds himself responsible for anything and everything that happens to the people he cares about including the girl.)

If you need more information please tell me!
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