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Recovery from serious hand injury (Bilateral)

I will be up front and say, I have NO idea where to even START googling for this.  Also, it's a bit of a gruesome injury, so I'm cutting the details. 

The character in question had been kidnapped, and at one point, his hands had been nailed to a chair.  The nail was driven through the top of the hand (perpendicular to the palm), through the palm, into the chair.

CLearly, there will be bone, muscle, and other tissue damage.  He was unable to receive treatment at a hospital for about one to three weeks.  His general wounds were cared for, to prevent infections, but there was no treatment for the bone or underlying damage during that time.

Assuming he had the best care after the 1-3 weeks, what sort of damage would remain, and what percentage of use of his hands would he regain?  In what way would he be able to move, or not move his hands?  I assume finger movements, at least from the middle knuckles, would be unrestricted, but not sure with the knuckles closer to the palm, and movement of the palm area itself?

The setting is actually now 5 years post injury, in NYC.  The injury occurred in Norway, but he was moved to NYC shortly after rescue. 

Edit: TY to those who've answered (I'll definitely still take more answers/opinions too :) ) I do want him to have lasting physical problems, in at least one hand, which looks like it's reasonable. Given that it was deliberate torture it does seem plausible. I may have to change where bones in both hands were broken, though, but that's fixable, with the hammer.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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