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Ambulance transport protocols

This detail may not be very important to the grand scheme of my story, but I'm not finding much. The setting is present-day rural America, Florida to be precise. My question is this: If there is an automobile accident without life-threatening injuries, how likely is the victims being transported to the hospital anyway (both vehicles involved are not driveable) and how would they do so? Would victims from both vehicles be transported in the same ambulance or would there be more than one ambulance dispatched? The injuries in question are probable concussion to the driver of one car, and a broken arm to a younger passenger in the other vehicle.

I have checked the past tags as well as Googling "how many victims per ambulance?", "ambulance transport protocol", and variations therof. Yahoo Answers stated that two patients might be transported, one on a backbopard, the other on the stretcher, and maybe a third in the 'Captain's chair', whatever that is. But I have found the information found in this community is far more reliable than other sites. Thank you for your time.
Tags: usa: florida, ~medicine: emts/paramedics

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