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Funerals for US Missionaries (or Something Similar) in a Foreign Country

I would like this story to be modern day but due to the specifics I am trying to work out it might not be possible. If it just seems too unlikely can anyone give me a suggestion for an era where it would make more sense?

My question is, under what circumstances would foreigners choose to bury a child in the country they are currently in?

I am brainstorming a short zombie story set in the Caribbean, a nod to the early tales that spawned today's modern craze. I was hoping to have an American family, a mother and father and an older brother and younger sister, living either on Haiti or another island in the Gulf of Mexico. They are Americans but they are working down there. I am trying to come up with a situation where instead of returning to the states when the boy dies the family remains and buries him there. (For obvious reasons, he needs to be found working as a zombie slave for a bokor later)

I was thinking that maybe they were a political family, or missionaries or there for humanitarian purposes but every time I think that they would return home to bury their son. They could just be living there but I don't want them to be well off and I want the parents to be involved in the culture even if their daughter is not.

Is there any advice you can give me to make this premise seem believable? I am currently trying to figure out how best to search for these sorts of questions but not really having any luck. Books and websites would be appreciated!
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