violentmedic (violentmedic) wrote in little_details,

Flail Chest Question

I've researched flail chest quite a bit, and have most of the information I need. But I couldn't find any answers as to how long it would take before he could be released from the hospital. I've found total healing time, but I assumed he would leave the hospital before he was completely healed. How long would be be likely to stay in the hospital for? Also, what would he have to do to help heal once he had left the hospital?

To be more specific, the character is a thirty-year old male, no smoking habits, does drink alcohol but has only drunk alcohol a couple of times in the last five years, and he got flail chest through a very severe beating from some other guys.

As a side note, what would be possible complications caused by flail chest, even when he has mostly healed up? Would any of these be able to occur for many years without killing him? Thought I should ask, since the story spans about twenty years, and I couldn't find many answers to this, either.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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