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Call Code for Firing a Sidewinder

Hello all,

I hope you guys can help me with this small item:

My charachter is an USAF pilot. In this episode he is on a sortie along the Iraqi border flying an F15 Eagle. He engages in a stand off with what he thinks a couple of MIGs crossing over from the inside of the Iraqi airspace and fires his 2 Sidewinders at them, first one then the other.

I've found out that the code word for launching AIM9 Sidewinder type of missiles is Fox Two. However, I am not sure how he would announce to the controller the launch of the 1st  missile and then the 2nd one a short while later. Will it be something like "Fox Two One" then later "Fox Two Two"? if not, how? 

I have searched google ("Fox Two One" doesn't bring up anything of relevance), wiki, military, the links provided by wiki, even youtube and still can not find a similar situation where they would say it.

Thank you very much for helping out!


Tags: usa: military (misc), ~military (misc)

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