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Event Planning Business - Fundraising events

I've researched "event planning," "event planing business," "fundraising events" and some variations there of but I'm hoping to get some firsthand knowledge if that's possible.

I'm plotting out a fanfic for a show set in New York City - focusing on Manhattan and Brooklyn where the wife of one of the main characters owns her own event planning business. I wanted to do a story that focused on her/her business. Of course I don't know a lot about the event planing business or what kinds of events she might put together. Canon gives us a few hints here and there and judging from the show room (is that the right term?) we see in the season final her events are pretty fancy.

The story I want to do involves her doing a seasonal fundraising event on her own. Would this be something an event plainer might do? The fundraising wouldn't be for her company but for a local charity - my idea was it would be something she started doing every year once her business got up and running as something to give back to the community.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~jobs (misc)

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