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Long-term effects of trauma

Setting: Modern USA
Searched: This LJ, Googled words "PTSD," "effects of trauma," "male sexual abuse." I found useful information about reactions to trauma, but not specifically what I'm asking for here.

Two male characters (both in early thirties) are in a romantic relationship, one of which has been tortured in the past by people he trusted. The two characters know each other well, but are just beginning the relationship sexually, and haven't progressed past touching/kissing. Character A knows that Character B went through something painful, but doesn't know the extent of it, and isn't aware of Character B's hangups in bed because of it. Character B was never actually raped during the ordeal, but it came fairly close. He is a strong personality, intelligent, but also very reserved, and was a soldier at one point in his life. This last is important to the story, because the torture happened, and then he needed to continue fighting, and thus didn't deal with it.

My Questions: What could be potential triggers for this character? Touch didn't bother him in the past, but would it begin to creep up now that he is no longer in life-or-death situations (i.e., no longer a soldier)? Is it believable that he would have repressed these things, and now that he's entering into an intimate relationship, he would begin to have flashbacks that he didn't before?   

Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd, ~sexual abuse & assault

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