Trickster (x_trickster_x) wrote in little_details,

Relationships in Japan, 1996 and 1960s

Setting: Tokyo in 1996 and the mid 1960s
Searches: "Relationship culture" Japan, older man younger woman, woman living with men, variations on those with the appropriate dates

It's a bit of an awkward set of questions, really (for a challenge my friend set me) and I'm not entirely sure how to go about searching for it. I have two situations here-

1. A twenty year old woman in a relationship with a man in his early-mid thirties in mid 1960s Japan
As far as I can tell from the research I've done, there's nothing scandalous about the age difference but is there anything I need to take into account considering the time? I can't find anything about relationships for this period.

2. What would the reaction be to a woman in her early 20s living with two much older men (one being 35-45ish and the other at least 50) be in the late 90s? I know Japan's not really big on public displays of affection but she's very obviously not related to either of them. Would it just be shrugged off or would it be seen as really, really weird? I'm not even certain how some people would react to it here in the UK so I'm just checking.

Thanks! Sorry for the weird questions~
Tags: 1960-1969, 1990-1999, japan (misc), japan: history

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