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Reason for discharge: possibly injury to order

Contemporary United States Marine Corps.
Searched Discharges, retention, reason for discharge, medical discharge

During the last century (I love saying that) I would have had him finish his enlistment and any extensions, have a going away party and pack up for home. With two wars going on and what I've been hearing about the struggle to meet personnel quotas I'm not sure they just let you leave at the end of an enlistment. If my character can just leave, then no problem. if not I need to give him some sort of injury that would make him medically unfit for duty but not prevent him from becoming a body guard/ private detective/ hero type running trough the city climbing fire escapes jumping across roof tops. (He's a very very AU Dick Greyson.)

So what sort of things do they send infantry home from the wars for?
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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