Some pale geeky chick (felldeedsawake) wrote in little_details,
Some pale geeky chick

Skating blade as weapon/Kick-heavy martial arts

I'm going to be playing a character in tabletop RPG - White Wolf's Scion, for those interested - who was a champion figure skater before becoming 'Awakened'. Being the son of a god, he has supernatural grace and stamina. He's also able to create ice underfoot, so he can skate anywhere. The idea is that he'll be using his blades as weapons.

My first question is, just how sharp are figure skating blades? I've read about skaters accidentally cutting themselves, and seen the (rather disturbing) video of a pairs skater getting her face sliced by her partner's blade. It's obvious they can draw blood, but how much damage are they actually capable of?

The second question is more for my own understanding: Other than Capoeira, what's another martial art that relies heavily on the legs? Not that there's anything wrong with Capoeira, some of the moves work well with what I have in mind, but there's also a lot of hand-standing which isn't as feasible for my character.
Tags: ~martial arts, ~sports (misc), ~weapons (misc)

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