agent s of the dork brigade (comically_so) wrote in little_details,
agent s of the dork brigade

stargazing in or near new york city

I've tried googling various versions of "stargazing in or near new york city" but all I get is stuff on astronomy clubs and observatories, or info on spotting celebrities.

In my story, two characters who live in Manhattan (upper east side) want to do some old-fashioned stargazing - no telescopes, just laying on the ground and looking up at the sky. As that's probably not going to happen in the city, how long/far would they have to drive to get to a decent view? Would it be possible for them to get to somewhere nice and quiet - maybe some countryside away from any city or town - within two hours? They'll be leaving around midnight on a Friday or Saturday, if that helps traffic-wise.
Tags: usa: new york (misc), ~science: astronomy

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