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Clothing Creation with Minimal Tools

I have 500 college-aged kids. They're mostly modern, urban, low-income Westerners, with no special training. (A few can probably knit and sew, but no more than the average for their population.)

They've been on a spaceship for thirty years, and had to make their own textiles. After thirty years, what quality of fabric will they be turning out?

I'm assuming that it will be rougher than machine-made fabric, but I'm not sure by how much. With no machine assistance, about how long will it take to produce an outfit?

I'm not sure how to research this, because they don't have the infrastructure that most textile-makers have had, which might slow the process considerably.

They have only a few spinning wheels / looms / carders / etc. They have the materials to jury-rig their own, but resources are very limited, and will favor tools which are easy to make and maintain. (ie, drop spindles, rather than spinning wheels.)

They're growing flax, hemp, and a little cotton - pretty much no animal fibers.

They also don't have any physical teachers. They have fairly good instructions, on the main computer, but I'm not sure how the lack of interactive teachers would complicate things.
Tags: ~clothing, ~technology: pre-industrial

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