krysti_ryou (elohisa) wrote in little_details,

Fireflies (or bio-luminescent insects) in Egypt?

Time Period: Early 2000's, Egypt.

I need one of my characters who grew up in Egypt to make a POV analogy to a distant city's lights at dusk as looking like fireflies.  Originally, I planned to have the analogy reference this character's home in Egypt, but then I realized that I don't know if fireflies are common there.  I could find nearby Middle Eastern or African regions that have fireflies, that would also help as I could change the analogy to suit that.

Additional information: Bio-luminescent insects or creatures would work just as well as fireflies.  All I really need are some kind of animal that can group together and be visible / glow at night.

Have tried: googling various forms of "fireflies africa", "fireflies middle east", "fireflies egypt", "bioluminescent insects egypt", "bioluminescent animals locations", and "fireflies locations/fireflies where do they live".  The closest that I can find are those that live in Europe or Eastern Asia.

Thank you for your help!
Tags: egypt (misc), ~animals (misc)

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