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FBI Department Relations

Setting: modern day USA.
Background: There is a manhunt out for my protags led by the FBI, due to their upbringing they are successfully avoiding the law. A person reported missing ends up in their company and by virtue of this essentially gives the cop in charge of the manhunt the break necessary to track them down.

Problem: I've googl-fu'd interdepartmental relations in the FBI, looked at the wiki page for the FBI and Missing Persons, done my best to navigate the FBI website and Ive come up blank.

From what I could glean from Without a Trace's Wiki page states that the set up they use is entirely fictional.

So here are my Qs

Do they share a common source of knowledge to cross reference from?

Does the FBI have jurisdiction IF Missing Persons is outside of FBI departments? (I'm not sure if Missing Persons is officially a part of the FBI or if the FBI has to essentially absorb another case or department)

Can one case, the manhunt, over ride or take control of the missing person case?

Any help is appreciated

(And apologies if the LJ cut is all messed up)
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi

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