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Sources for political theory and practical implementation?

Hi all, I have a problem.

I'm an absolute dunce when it comes to matters of politics, public relations, government, and the practical implementation and results thereof. I mean, I really just don't get it. This makes it difficult for me to even know where to start as far as building government structures in my fantasy worlds. Does anyone have any sources on the subject that can explain such things to me very simply, as if to a child, and that can show me real-life workings of the structures it details? Basically, I need a place to start.

Just to let you in on some details about my stories so you'll have a better idea of what I need - One story is set in a huge empire, with a kind of semi-fuedal structure presided over by an emperor, and also contains a unified religious faction with conciderable power (think catholicism in old europe.) The other, I think has a primarily fuedal overall structure, but the main political issues being dealt with will be within many different factions and breeds of faerie, and should come off as almost mafia-like. Think The Godfather.

Anyway, anything that you can suggest will be much appreciated!

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