Fictatious (fictatious) wrote in little_details,

Egyptian hieroglyph for Bakhu (Eastern Mountains)?

The mountains that hold up the sky on the Eastern horizon are called the Bakhu, as opposed to the Western Manu. I'm having not much luck trying to find the hieroglyphics for the Bakhu though, and I'm wondering if that's because it would just be an alternate pronunciation for Djew/Akhet, which is 'mountain' and 'horizon' or if it should be modified with the hieroglyph for the East? When I try image-searches on 'Bakhu', I only end up the Djew hieroglyph, sometimes modified with a sun-disk nestled in the valley, which I think is a way to define it more specifically as Akhet rather than Djew. Is there anyone who can help me out here?
Tags: ~languages: ancient egyptian

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