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minor GSW w/ recoverable bullet

Setting: contemporary (UK). I've read back through the "medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds" tag and got some tips but not quite the right answer for the situation my story is requiring as I flesh it out:

I need a character to go down with a gunshot wound that is minor enough that he's not completely out of action for any longer than 27 days (the shorter the better), and yet at least one bullet or identifiable fragment of same is recovered from his injury. He'd have been hit at some distance (at least 5 feet, not more than 50 -- IE not point-blank by any means) by a 9mm round fired by someone who is not the world's best shot. My preference would be for the minimum possible damage that would still mandate a trip to A&E (which one would think would be automatic, but the character has his reasons to be leery of the idea).

  • Would I be in the right neighborhood of "inconvenient but not especially serious on a scale of GSWs" to picture a hit to the shoulder area that's well missed the artery? And so far as recovering the bullet -- stopped internally by bone? Would that break something, depending upon the range? And would front or back entry be more plausible for the bullet retention?

  • Would digging out the bullet and patching him up involve full-on put-him-under surgery, or just painkillers and long-bladed forceps? (His mates have brought him in, so this has some bearing on whether he's immediately available to Assist The Police With Their Enquiries or the first version of events comes out through another party...)

  • And what about shock? Some time has elapsed between the injury and the arrival at hospital because, um, he's a werewolf and had to wait for the moon to set... Might this actually be more of a reason to keep him for observation than the actual GSW?

  • As mentioned, he really needs to not still be in hospital for the next full moon, but other than that the story allows for some degree of wiggle room so far as a range between "I'MPERFECTLYFINETHANKYOUVERYMUCH" to "I'm off work with my arm in a sling but I can still walk the dog", or whatever; what would the aftereffects of this degree of an injury be within the first month? (and longer-term might also be useful, it's not within the purview of this storyline but if there was a followup...)

Once again, I worship at this comm's feet, my Muse has a real knack for serving me up these "...Oh, I'm sure you can fill that in properly when you get to it" pickles...
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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