Lynette (quizzicalsphinx) wrote in little_details,

Inspired by a previous question:

One of the characters in my fantasy novel seems to be Islamic (I say "seems to" because this is a fantasy setting, but her beliefs seem to have a strong Islamic slant). Currently she is serving out a sentence on an island prison colony, where she has risen to the position of a sort of captain of the guards and surgeon. She is the only person of her faith--or indeed, her species--on the island.

In this sort of environment, it would be difficult for her to keep to the laws of her faith regarding interaction between the sexes, diet, and so forth. Just by way of an example, she is aware that the local brew would probably be safer to drink than the largely polluted and very limited water supply. My question is this: Is there some sort of penance or purging ritual she might be anticipating once her sentence is complete? What are the religious laws regarding extreme situations?


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