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housing, and visiting, a dangerous female prisoner

I’m trying to get a notion of the logistics and limitations involved in having a male protagonist make a sanctioned visit to a female prisoner in a California State prison. She’s probably a Level III inmate, serving multiple life sentences without parole for multiple counts of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and extortion. She’s been in prison for over 15 years, has a history of good behaviour and cooperation, but is not going to be freed in this lifetime.

The proposed visitor is not a law enforcement officer, but has a high level of official sanction. He is not related to her by blood or marriage. Setting is current day, real world.

I’ve spent a lot of time on various portions of the website for the California Department of Corrections, with side trips to Wikipedia and a few other locations.  I've answered a raft of questions, but haven't been able to resolve these.  I've never even been inside a jail, which limits me to the Hollywood version of prison visitation, in which I place no reliance.  I can't exactly drop in on the nearest women's prison and ask to see their visitors' room.

Here are the questions I haven’t been able to answer:

Is she likely to be living in a cell with one or more semi-permanent roommates, or in a dormitory setup in which she shares living and sleeping space with a group of women?

Any particular reason that she would be at one of the following facilities rather than another?  CCWF at Chowchilla; VSPW at Chowchilla; CIW at Corona.   Are any of them regarded as better, safer, more rigorous?

When someone comes to visit, how many hoops do they have to go through once they’re at the prison? Do they go through airport-type security screening, or something more, or less? Have their pockets checked? Fingerprints? How are credentials verified? With multiple visits, is the same level of screening done each time?

What does the physical set-up for a visit look like? A bare room with a table and chairs?  Smething else? What kind of supervision is maintained? Is the visit observed by a member of the prison staff? Recorded?

If an internee is in the infirmary, are visits allowed? If so, are they conducted more or less in the same manner?

Any and all help would be deeply appreciated!
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